Saturday, December 31, 2005

Daddy, Can I Go Out And...

I am a big fan of online action games. I am a big, BIG fan of real silly, hit-and-run online games. Dad n' Me makes a fine example. Dad n' Me is a stupid and violent rampage of one purple and much disturbed teenager. Like father like son, this skull-masked creature is on a mission to destroy every other kid in the neighborhood - hit, toss, turn, bang, shake, throw... anything goes. I'm assuming the little boy has a few deep emotional problems, and seeing professional help would be highly recommended. While playing this retarded and very un-educational game today, an echo was ringing from deep inside my memory cells. Yes, then it hit me - literally - and I recalled of yet another troubled kid, who once wrote to his mommy a sweet poem:

"Singled out the kids who are mean to me
Get straight a's but they still make fun
I don't give a, I'll laugh last"

I believe that if anyone in the whole wide world would ever wear a skull mask and run around beating other kids up, they would must be THEM. No, I'm not talking about The Others. I'm not referring to Friday the 13th's Jason also, nor any other masked horror movie icon. It's all about THEM - all about the MISFITS. Because just like some of those silly online "action" games, the whole Misfits existence is all about silly offline rampage. The blood-tales, the vulgar violence, the skulls... Oh, sweet grotesque. Mommy, Can I Go Out And Kill Tonight? was, and still is, a superb energy song, with powerful deliverance and great terror lyrics. Along with their passion hymns for skulls, zombies and dead darlings, this Misfits statement is a must in every horror-lover music playlist.

"Mommy I'm a good boy
Mommy I'm a f**kin' savior
Mommy I'm alive

Mommy, can I go out and kill tonight?"

Not tonight, kids.

Click here for the live video


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