Saturday, December 24, 2005

Hello, Yeah !

"Rope a dope...
The newest in new
Right up to your face and dis you!
Waxin' and milkin'
All ya'll square heads... "





to my little bucket full of honey.

Here you will my own personal and selected recommendations for music and music-related subjects on the World Wide Web and way beyond. Honey Bucket is your friendly resource for discovering new, newer and less-new artists, record labels, official free and legal mp3's as well as full albums, videos, special un-official recordings, movie trailers, news tidbits, interesting links and so much more.

All 100% Honey Inside !

I will be updating this site as frequent as I can, so make sure to stay tuned for new posts are-a-changin' all the time.

enjoy your stay, and feel free to drop me a line or two whenever you feel like it... Yeah! (... is a great, great
Kyuss tune).


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