Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2005 Out Through The In Door : Intro

Yes, it was quite a good year indeed.

With loads of past artists coming back to life, my biggest question for 2005 is : Did we have anything real new this year? it seems that the amount of re-emerging retros has taken over, for the better or worse. Sure, we had our fair share of stunning and fresh newcomers plus a massive leaning towards the new, elegant electro rock/pop trend, but my main personal impression and summary of 2005 will be - YEAR OF THE COMEBACKS. ABBA-inspired Madonna, 80's icons Depeche Mode and New Order, Pink Floyd reunion at the Live 8 (yet another recycled event) - just to mention a few, prominent ones. And not only did we have comebacks this year, since re-recordings were big also - full albums of remixes, covers, duets with the dead... Even the Internet had marked a special place in this whole re-make festival, as the Mash-Ups, which are actually partial-legal remixes of a few songs combined altogether, became a true online hit.

On the next few posts I will be sharing my personal favorite music, musical moments and interesting facts of 2005: favorite artists, events, albums and legally free mp3s.

Oh, yes. Quite a good year indeed.


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