Wednesday, January 11, 2006

2005 Out Through the In Door : Oh, great Satan!

Out of all the re-makes and recycled sing-along albums of the passing year, Ministry had the best goods to offer. Nothing too original, nothing really unused, same old songs, a few new meanings, some not-so-new rarities and oh-so-ugly artwork. The industrial-metal gods are still kicking it hard, or at least - trying to, due to the fact that Rantology has nothing fresh and too exciting to offer (nor any of their previous collections and anthologies). Riding along the popular anti George W. Bush wave, Al Jourgensen had the pleasure of taking some great Ministry classics and remix their way into hysteric Bush diss anthems.

The outcome is a one awesome album, but only because these were awesome songs from the first place, and Ministry is awesome in general. Here's your chance to enjoy Stigmata, Jesus Built My Hotrod, Bad Blood and N.W.O once more and with some more spices and different lighting, plus highly energetic live versions of Psalm 69 and Thieves. We also get a single new song, The Great Satan, which means that :

a. Jargouson had decided to become a Satanic worshiper;
b. George W. Bush is a great satan ;
c. George W. Bush had decided to become a Satanic worshiper.

Mmm... tuff choice. Anyway, Rantology is a hell of an industrial-metal madness, but I can't tell you I'm puting my full comfort in Ministry once more until they deliver some all-new material. In the meantime, watch out for the Revolting Cocks reunion this 2006, now I'll be damned!


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