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2005 Out Through the In Door : TOP MP3'S



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>> Spaghetti Western - Merton's Woods
colorful instrumental mix of classical music, jazz and folk.
Quiet Mob EP
Official website

>> Acid King - 2 Wheel Nation
A glorious and much-addictive slice of the biggest fuzz-riffs ever.
III (Small Stone) *
Official website

>> Amandine - For All the marbles
Sweet and delicate piano-driven rock tune from this Swedish band.
This is Where Our Hearts Collide (FatCat)
Official website

>> Twink - Pussycat
Take a bunch of children kitty songs, mix them altogether and get one hell of a fresh tune. Gotta love that baby piano!
The Broken Records (Seeland Records)
Official website

>> Baby Teeth - Celebrity Wedding
Funky-disco vibe all over, oh yeah.
The Baby Teeth Album (Lugo Records)
Official website

>> Black Mountain - Druganaut
Are Blue Cheer really back? a dark, layed out rock-n-roll tune. Super Cool.
Black Mountain (Collision)
Official website

>> Bling Kong - Bling Kong Girls
>> Be Aggressive (cheer)
Oh, great stuff here - nasty cheerleaders, electro-pop sounds and AC/DC riffs. Plus, a little tribute to the Faith no More anthem.
Do the Awesome (Redder Records)
Official website

>> Hopewell - Calcutta
Ex-Mercury Rev Jason Russo is into some classy indie-rock. Great album, too.
Hopewell and the Birds of Appetite (TeePee)
Official website

>> Dead Meadow - At Her Open Door
Lovely, lovely psychedelic rock song from this sweet band. I've been following them since their first album, and they are twisting around slightly on every listen. Very, very good!
Feathers (Matador)
Official website

>> Ladytron - destroy Everything You Touch
Oh, mama! Awesome retro-electronic pop goodness in just one track. The full album is quite good as well. It's so.... 90's techno attitude combined with 80's synthpop sound, catchy and makes me move my butt to the rhythm.
Witching Hour (Rykodisc)
Official Website

Paul Duncan - Oil in the Fields
Very personal and beautiful folk/rock artist. Deep and special, and the album is a true delight.
Be Careful What You Call Home (Home Tapes)
Official Website

Fireball Ministry - It Flies Again
YESSSSS !!!! I simply adore FM. Why? Because they f*cking ROCK. No bullsh*t, only 100% heavy, pondering rock-n-roll. Yet another kick-in-the-balls album and track from the masters of modern heavy rock.
Their Rock Is Not Our Rock (Liquor and Poker)
Official website

History Invades - We Ran Out of Bridges So We Burned Down Our Houses
Now how can you refuse d/l a song with a name like that?! ,These guys make some very interesting and catchy indie rock with an attractive post-punk edge. Give them a chance, you won't be disappointed.
The Structure of a Precise Fashion (Lugo Records)
Official website

Liz Janes - Lonesome Valley
I've said it before, and I'll say it again and again... Liz Janes is the BEST female artists I've came across since I had the pleasure of discovering Jolie Holand. And what a beautiful track.
Liz Janes & Create! (Asthmatic Kitty) * FAVORITE TOP 10 ALBUM
Official Website

Geoff Berner - Lucky Goddamn Jew
Now, this is very "Groytze Matziyeh" - a great find indeed! Amazing Jewish-folk artist, funny and extremely cool. A Must.
Whiskey Rabbi (Black Hen) * FAVORITE TOP 10 ALBUM
Official website

>> Ninja High School - Shake it Off
"Let the fucking sunshine in"!!! they call themselves "positive hardcore dance-rap band from Toronto". Well... you got me, that's for sure.
Young Adults Against Suicide (Tomlab)
Official website

>> Skeletons & The Girl-Faced Boys - Git
Here's a sweet electro-pop funk track. A very interesting album as well!
Git (Ghostly)
Official website

The Russian Futurists - Paul Simon
This one-man project presents yet another trippy electronic and lo-fi madness.
Our Thickness (Upper Class)
Official website

>> The Movies - If I Had The Cash
Great band here - take a glimpse at their dark pop/rock mix with this cool tune.
American Oil (Houston Party Records)
Official website


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very cool stuff.

i'm listening to the playlist and already found some gems.



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