Tuesday, January 03, 2006

2005 Out Through the In Door : Welcome to Dam-Rock

Despite the somewhat militant image on his new 2005 album artwork and video for the striking single of the same name, Welcome to Jamrock, Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley is all about continuing the Marley heritage with great passion, love and tender obligation. Damian is not a newcomer in the Reggae music scene - but he is a newcomer in letting a wider audience take a glance at the prime foundations of this Jamaican music and culture, combined with a new, more modern and eclectic musical combination - from Dancehall to Hip Hop and even R&B. Yes, it seems that young mr. Marley, out of a large circle of Marley siblings who have their own musical careers, holds a unique delivering style and such diverse attitude, developing the potential to become a true cultural force. I find Damian having both power and ability to bring the Reggae gospel straight to the masses, without losing its basic roots and social statement.

Is Reggae music really all about the Marley family? the answer is no, however - with Marley as your last name, and passion for music as your favorite game, you might find yourself a little bit closer to the spotlights and worldwide recognition. Already slowly building quite a cult-following in the US (and even wining a sweet Grammy Award back in 2002 for his previous album, Halfway Tree), Damian Marley still has a long road ahead of him. Yet with a smashing honest album like Jamrock flavored with his friendly, accesible cross-over vibe and sometimes harsh topics of struggled Jamaican everyday-life, he is here to stay for a long time in the name of Jah.

WELCOME TO JAMROCK Live on the Carson Daly Show

Click here to watch the video for Welcome to Jamrock!
Click here to watch to video for Road to Zion feat. Nas!

UPDATE February 15th, 2006

Click for short Damian Marley video interviews :

(1) About "Welcome to Jamrock" - the album
(2) About "Welcome to Jamrock" - the song
(3) On his album guests
(4) On working with Nas and the Roots
(5) On working with Boby Brown
(6) On working with his brother, Stephan Marley
(7) On the writing process
(8) Damian listenes to a lot from everything...
(9) On new music coming out


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