Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Album flashlight : Herr K - Histories

Herr K is a fabulous international anti-commercial art organization which supports the main goal of sharing : free music and art for all. Their musical offerings twist around the dark ambient/electronic genre, and so does "Histories (soundtracks to the works of Edgar Poe)", one of their unique albums that promotes the vision of MUSIC FOR THE PEOPLE. And that's exactly what the "Album flashlight" section of Honey Bucket is all about: introducing those who deserve and want to be shared to those who are eager to be shared with , hence - music lovers everywhere.

Histories is based on some of Edgar Allan Poe's works, and contains 9 electro/industrial tracks inspired by the great, dark writer. The full, complete album itself was released back in '04, but it was recorded in various places around the world for over than 6 years. Herr K state that their music is best experienced with headphones, and I tend to agree. You better feel as close as you can to their hypnotic offerings, in order for you to sense the true power of these sounds.


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