Friday, February 10, 2006

Be a man, get updates!

Honey Bucket now has an official mailing list.

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... and you'll get a daily email update in case there are new posts (and you wouldn't want to miss that, right?)

Nah. Actually it's just my little crafty way to keep you coming. Really. But you can still bookmark this website, or just memorize the address. I know, you were about to keep coming anyway. Just because I'm paranoid, don't mean I can't get decent, sexy mailing list, eh!?

"So much to read, so little time!"

Now, the thing is that there are only 5 latest posts showing on the main page, and that's in order to keep some kind of an organized structure and not to load too much information. You can still reach all the posts by browsing around the menu on the right. No, I am not doubting your intelligence.


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