Saturday, February 25, 2006

Do the G-Spot!

Usually when I get to face topless nuns I think of the band Cradle of Filth. If I scrabble down my memory a bit, I can recall the NWOBHM band Witchfinder General, which had pictures of topless women/witches on their album covers. If I was a Black Metal fan I would have marked by now that I'm down with nuns and in a serious relationships with witches, but I'm not so I'll just have to claim that both female characters make great costumes for your casual Purim/Halloween/sexy party needs.

G-Spot Tornado is a name of a Zappa piece, but also the hopefully soon-to-be famous finger move that was adopted, or shall I say - INVENTED by a band of that same name. Their new debut album, "Hymns 4 Her" is currently on the verge of breaking out. And the nuns? they come built-in, I guess.

Sounding like an insane and colorful tornado of funk, rock, hip hop, metal riffs and Jazz-like improvisations, I find G-Spot Tornado to actually be the next Canadian Mr. Bungle, with a little naughty Primus twist. Shove those Saxophones, tweak these sick vocals, pound this bass-line, hip and hop a little bit and a terrific musical orgasm is just two fingers away.

>> G-Spot Tornado - Don't Call Me
>> G-Spot Tornado - Move in A Minor
>> G-Spot Tornado - Want Cake


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