Sunday, February 12, 2006


"Is G for G-spot?"

Grammy this, Grammy that. The more they add categories and awards, the more this whole event gets boring. I do believe that in a lot of US-oriented artists hearts there is a secret wish to win, or at least be nominated for a Grammy, much more hearts than we can possibly imagine. Not because anyone really cares, but because it's like a rubber stamp on their forehead, stating they have gone popular. Unlike my teen-days conception of the music world, some artists DO want more than 3 people on this planet to actually know them.

"Good god! I'm bli(o)nd!"

The winners list is endless and makes you fall asleep. The appearance of Sly and the Family Stone from the show is intimidating. U2 is the most archaic band on earth, shoving their wrinkled heads to any show that would invite them in. Kanya West needs to drop this megalomaniac image of his because it's extremely annoying. The Polka category is strange, as always. Fiona Apple didn't win anything. Some blond did. And so did Damian Marley, who isn't a blond (thank god!) but still won 2 prizes (best Reggae Album & Best Urban/Alternative live show), and that's all I ever wished from this sparkling piece of nothingness that is the Grammy.

Kind-of-a-classic Grammy moment from the year 2000, courtesy of Rage Against the Machine:

How symbolic, Tim!


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