Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Sweet valentine

Pardon me while I don't burst into tears, since Scott Stapp's arrest on his honeymoon makes me giggle with pure enjoyment. You see, it's not that I don't have any kind of respect towards the man - I do, actually. This man is a serious man of goals, and he does everything a human being can possibly do in order to reach and fulfill them.

His first project was to be an Eddie Vedder. Right, we already had a similar project is the past from another Scott (Weiland, that is), but he has been quite forgotten lately. Velvet Revolver a.k.a his"supergroup" is a terrific joke, and so is he.

Now, it seems that Stapp's second goal is to become a Layne Staley of sorts. He was arrested at the Los Angeles International Airport three days ago, after he was found too intoxicated to board the flight. My wise advice to Stapp is, be careful what you wish for. In other words, keep Eddie Veddering. At least he still got some skin on. Or does he?...

MTV'S CELEBRITY DEATHMATCH : Eddie Vedder vs. Scott Stapp


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