Thursday, February 16, 2006

W-i-c-k-e-d !

Jada Pinkett Smith is pissed off. That's the only reasonable explanation for her fronting a metal band, Wicked Wisdom. The fact that her husband (Will Smith) keeps on making crappy movies and teeny-bop music probably adds some more stress. When I come to think of it, you can be in a metal band and still make teeny-bop music, can't you?

I tend to like Jada (Koren will be ber family-name as it appears on the official website). I loved her role in "Set if Off" back in '96. I also sympathize with her height issue, for I am kind of a midget myself. Being a bit taller than her, though, makes me even more eligible for forming my own pissed off metal band.

Wicked Wisdom play a catchy yet much aggressive metal-hybrid of funk, power chords and melodic vocals. Even though some might say the "NU-Metal" scene is going deaf-dumber-blind, the kids still dig it, and so do the record companies. Wicked Wisdom are claiming to deal with our rotten society and the wretched condition of human kind, which is OK (yet all chewed up), but what they really need to deal with is their lame name. I mean, "Wicked Wisdom" is so 80's!?

Other than the name barrier, my ears find them quite pleasent, in their little infantile way. Add Jada's name to the Kitty and Otep hall of modern aggressive feminine fronted fame, and you'll get a nice mix of the glass-breaking girlie teen anger that mothers are so affraid of.



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