Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Forever Mudhonies

A nice, warm cup of Seattle coffee is usually enough to get me through a troubled day. My latest cup is called "Under a Billion Suns" and it's Mudhoney's latest release with Sub Pop. It seems nothing had really changed in the Mudhoney kingdom, from back in the days when they were garage-rock knights till modern age when they are... Well, garage rock knights, but with a more variegated resume under their name. They still kick it, and "Blindspots" has even a Ska (!) feel to it. In days were old Seattle veterans are coming back to life (...If you can actually call Pearl Jam a LIVING band) - Mudhoney are still in the "fresh" category, forever young and always rocking.

>> Mudhoney - Blindspots
Under a Billion Suns 2006
Sub Pop


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