Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Honey Bucket's X-TREAM collection #1

February is out the door and it's time to celebrate. Not that I have anything personal against February, it's just that at the end of each month I'll be posting a streaming playlist. This playlist will contain a-l-l the mp3's and post-inspired downloads of the passing month here on Honey Bucket. Call it a reminder, call it a summary, call it Elvis, hey, call it what you will. I call it the X-TREAM collection, and this is the first one (other than the sexy Top 2005 playlist), so play nice and don't break anything.

"...Call me on the line call me call me any anytime"

X-TREAM Collection #1 February 2006
Click here to X-tream away!
click song names to download

(1) Zack De-La Rocha & Son De Madera - On Soto
Live @ First Fridays

(2) Ezekiel Honig - More Human Than Human
People Places and Things
Microcosm Music 2004

(3) Bob Marley - Redemption Song
Live @ Pittsburgh
[Somewhere in time]

(4) Pretty Girls Make Graves - Nocturnal House
Elan Vital
Matador Records 2006

(5) Freeze to Death (Creed parody based on One Last Breath)

(6) Gregor Samsa - Young and Old
The Kora Records 2006

(7) Gregor Samsa - Three
Iodine Recordings 2003

(8) Gregor Samsa - Two
Untiteled EP

(9) Gregor Samsa - Silent Night (Christams cover)
Official website goodie

(10) Herr K - The Fall of the House of Usher * ALBUM FLASHLIGHT
Histories (Soundtracks to the works of Edgar Poe) - click for the full album download

(11) The Elected - Not Going Home
Sun, Sun, Sun
Sub Pop 2006

(12) Matisyahu - Warrior (laswell Dub)

(13) G-Spot Tornado - Don't Call Me
Hymns 4 Her
Slap-Dash Records 2006

(14) G-Spot Tornado - Move in A Minor
Hymns 4 Her
Slap-Dash Records 2006

(15) G-Spot Tornado - Want Cake
Hymns 4 her
Slap-Dash Records 2006


Happy MARCHing!


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