Monday, March 13, 2006

Hornblower stole my teddybear

It's been more than 10 years since overlooked director Nathanial Hornblower and video master Spike Jonze had both lost the "Best video award" at the '94 MTV VMAs. At the end of this month, Hornblower will be officially releasing his debut full-feature film named "Awesome! I Fuckin' Shot That!", and hopefully gain some lost respect from the media.

During the AIFST website-promos, Hornblower had decided to reveal his well hidden identity and show us all who he really is. While every Beastie Boys enthusiastic could have guessed the story behind that weird Swiss guy, it seems a lot of people were quite confused and still in the mist. Take Michael Stype, for example, who didn't realize what hit him when Hornblower rushed into the stage on that VMAs night, claiming he and Jonze should have won the award for directing "Sabotage" AND inventing a few Starwars plots.

You might fond Hornblower's general perception, as well as his Beastie Boys video classics such as "Watch'a Want", the DVD collection and even the Paul's Boutique album cover, but it's time to say tah-tah to mystery and face the truth. Adam "MCA" Yauch is hell of a visual specialist, and he has been paying a lot of dues, hiding behind his self-claimed "uncle" human hideout. So, he's now pulling the curtain off and finally revealing himself as the Hornblower that he is. Goodbye mystery, h-e-l-l-o Sundance film festival, h-e-l-l-o media, hello world!



At Wednesday, June 22, 2016 5:36:00 PM, Blogger Ginger Sanches said...

It's anniversary of The Beastie Boys band are really makes me funny. I have great memories about general perception of this momentous performance. I'd like to describe their song, because they impress me too much. Thanks for the news)


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