Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Straight outa Portman

On the cult movie "CB4" Chris Rock made fun of the rising Gangsta Rap scene, with his "Straight Outa Lowcash" imitation, referring to the militant aggression of acts like NWA. While nobody predicted the male-oriented sexist and criminal ways to actually gain control on the MTVs these days, this scene had a strong part in forging the commercialized rap music and attitude today, whether it's real or just a cheap publicity stunt.

Celebrity self-mockeries of any kind are always great and highly welcomed, since we all need a good shaking every now and then to prove us the real stars are way-way up in the sky. So, is actress Natalie Portman really into gangsta? Who's being mocked here? the star actress or the current rap stars? or, should I ask - does it really matter? Two nights after the twinkling Oscars, and one second after the newest 50 cent video, two commercial giants are meeting in one, single SNL satiric video. We got to have more of these, that's for sure.


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