Sunday, March 19, 2006


"The next Garth Brooks" definition is surely something to be proud of if you're into Country music. Especially if you come from Germany, and your name is Bob Style. Well, lil' Bob has been spreading German waves across the European Country music base for quite some time now, and he's being accepted with a warm welcome in the US as well. His live covers album, "Countryfied - LIVE in the USA!" is a Country-to-the-core type of live performance, which leaves nothing but pure optimism in case you have a potential to be a cowboy but live in the wrong place to show it at. Next location to conquer: JAPAN. I'll Yi-ha to that!

>> Bob Style - Free
>> Bob Style - Becky's Song
>> Bob Style - Free (Live)
"Countryfied - LIVE in the USA!" 2005

Bob Style & Tammy Lee - In Another's Eyes


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